Constantis helps companies integrate sustainability into their strategy
In many companies, a lot has already been done in the area of CSR, but real profit can be achieved from an integral sustainability policy as favoured by Constantis. We do this by closely aligning all social, ecological and economic aspects – from HRM to governance, from procurement to marketing and from transport to production – so that their mutual relationship boosts the effectiveness of business operations as a whole.

Integrated reporting
Would you like to describe your performance in financial, social, economic and environmental areas in a single, integrated annual and sustainability report? Then you can opt to bring your Annual Report in line with both the internationally accepted ISO 26000 guidelines for corporate responsibility, the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN and the GRI Sustainability Reporting Guidelines G4.

Integrated reporting is the future. In one, single report, your organisation summarises how it operates sustainably, and how your strategy, governance, forecasts and financial performance deliver (social value) for the short, medium and long terms.

Constantis helps companies switch from a ‘strategy for sustainability’ to a ‘sustainable strategy’. Meet Constantis.

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