Constantis shows healthcare institutions the benefits of sustainable care
Positive health. Self-management of the patient. More emphasis on prevention. Applying technology. Transmural care. Shortage of personnel. Absence due to illness. Energy consumption. Waste problems. Rising costs. These are all challenges for which healthcare has to find answers. Yet in parts of the sector, we are already seeing surprising innovations and promising results. But real benefits can be obtained from an integral sustainable strategy, as proposed by Constantis.

With TripppleCare, Constantis shows how the mutual relationship between people, planet and profit/ prosperity can boost the efficiency of your business operations as a whole.

TripppleCare is structured according to the internationally recognised ISO 26000 guidelines, tailored to the strategic challenges with which healthcare institutions are faced.

Constantis helps healthcare institutions to reinvent themselves. Meet Constantis.

TripppleCare: ISO 26000 op maat voor de zorg